Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Escort, date, le Trapeze, Checkmates, rates roses incall......updates

Hey there I am still figuring this out from a handheld: brief will I be: just some quick updates and info. I just posted on my other site redundant but hopefully clear. 
I will be your date escort to le Trapeze or Checkmate for roses $ I love swinging and as long as everyone gets along, ie, a couple we want to swap or swing with, and if you are respectful and pleasant it should be a great night. The crowd at these places is generally cool. I will swap participate however I cant guarantee you will hook up with someone as that is also up to them. Most people I go with are mature and decent so it should not be a problem. We go in and the admission is one ten or one twenty.....and I ask between 300 and 700 for the night depending which night it is and how long we are there for.Naturally you know we re hanging out and you are paying me for time.When we change in the locker rooms I ask that you then drop the cash in my bag. Then we go into the club in towels then party time! Hope this answers most questions.......