Friday, November 30, 2012

new pix figuring this out from my phone ok......but hey my good friends credit me that these new ones are sans photoshopping and just taken today.....

meeting up.....catching up

Hey there....been a while since I posted. You can email me or my number changed........

three four seven  

6 nine 3 three one oh three    

either swinging as talked about below three to 7 hundred flowers for the night le tra peze or another.......

I am in Jersey City now, if you can come to me all the better. Even more so if you drive. Or else I come to forty hhour two sixty an hour.....get in touch, will discuss........

*D* Happy Times may the Path trains be up and running soon!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Pix

Me messing around.......just yesterday.....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ariela........Welcome to my Page!

Hey hey! Hopefully you know what my page is and are cool with what it's about. If not......shrug. But assuming you are......I live in New York City............... I am a real person..... I will come to you $140 hhour or
$260 an hour. Please email

If you have a swinging/clubs/ fetish yes I will be your swing date.....personally I prefer Le Trapeze. $120 gets in the door. I ask $300--$700 for the night depending what night it is, how long we're there for, ect. They're open Wed---Saturday. Wednesday through Thursday they're open til 2am, Fri and Sat til 4am.

......discretion and privacy matter! Certainly not because I'm ashamed of it. When you see me, you will see me.....I guess judge for yourself. I will not send more/clearer photos you're wasting your time asking me!

hair: curly, reddish blonde
eyes: blue
lips: full
height: five ft four
weight: 130 lbs

"sex slaves" backpage, craigslist

An excellent Village Voice article

This turned out to be a LONG post which I've put here after dealing with a major major pain in the ass recently with this issue. I decided to post this on my other site